Description: Amazing Ametrine Polished Point. Approx 5.5 cm x 3 cm


Properties: Ametrine is a natural combination of Amethyst and Citrine. 


The two crystals are wonderfully harmonised through growing together naturally. The Ameythst is a loving soothing stone that can help calm the mind and space, alleviating headaches and insomnia whilst helping us open our third eye and connect to spirit. Citrine is a beautifully joyus crystal that is full of abundance of all manners. Together, they help you attract spiritual growth, healing and insight. 


Perfect for: Spiritual growth and insight. The point helps direct energy flow, helping with healing, altars and meditations. 


Ametrine Polished Point

  • This is a one off piece and cannot be replaced. 


    More pictures can be sent upon request. 


    Due to uneven surfaces/structure, measurements cannot be exact and are therefore approximate. 


    Due to being completely natural, product might differ slightly from the images/measurements given. 

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