Description: Large Californian White Sage Stick, Approx. 24cm Long


Properties: Californian White Sage has been used throughout the ages for cleansing a space and your aura of negative energies. Once lit, the cleansing smoke produced by the dried White Sage will work within your space to cleanse yourself, the space and your crystals. 


Benefits: Sage is naturally anti-bacterial so will help keep your space physically cleansed, the smoke releases negative energies and can promote sleep, release headaches and calm the mind. 


Directions: Light the end of the stick so the embers glow and smoke is produced. Make sure there are no live flames during your smudging, all you need are the embers.

You may want to carry a power shell, or other container, under the smudging stick so you catch the ash and any falling embers.

You will need to periodically blow on the embers to keep them lit.

Once you have smudged your desired area, either stub out the stick or run it under water and leave to dry - do not submerge the stick, just run enough water to extinguish the embers. 


Californian White Sage Sticks - Large, 24cm

  • As these are hand made products, the item you recieve may differ slightly in size/appearance to the ones shown in the photos in this listing. 

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions if needed. 

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