A Weekend of Chakra Magic, for you to connect, balance, unlock and learn! 


With two amazing workshops available over the weekend, this is a beautiful opportunity to connect to your energy fields and work with your Chakra centres. 


These workshops can be done individually but have been designed to beautifully compliment each other. You do not have to do both but we would highly recommend it as the knowledge and healing you will receive would be far greater. 


Tickets are available at individual day prices and a discounted weekend ticket for both workshops. 


Our Log Cabins are available for booking during this weekend. 


Saturday 11th May, 10 am - 4 pm with Special Guest, Sally Free

Chakras and Sounds


We are teaming up with Sally Free to bring you this powerful journey through the Chakras using Tibetan Singing Bowls. 


During this practical day we will show you how to work with a pendulum to connect in to the Chakra energies and divine how the energy is flowing, therefore identifying areas that need to be cleared, balanced or boosted, this will then be fortified through a deep, chakra flower guided meditation. We will then incorporate the power of sound, travelling through the Chakras and working with bowls that vibrate at their sacred resonance and frequency - an immersive, vibrational learning experience. 


By the end of the day, after connecting in and working with our Chakras through meditation, dowsing and sound, we will show you how to make Chakra Elixirs, made inside the singing bowls. These healing tonics will be dowsed for by a partner and we will meditate on how we feel before and after receiving the elixir dedicated to the specific Chakra you would have been working with throughout the day. 


Includes your Workshop Guidebook and refreshments. 

Please bring a lunch, journal and comfortable clothes. 


Sunday 12th May, 10:30 am - 4:30pm

Crystals and Chakras


A journey of self discovery and realisation, this informative workshop will take you through the 7 main chakra centres, their energies and what can happen when they are out of balance. 


We will teach you how to dowse and connect to your own chakra energies as well as those of someone else and then go through the crystals and energies we can work with, and how, to bring those chakras into balance, to clear them or to boost their energy. 


This workshop will cover the 7 chakras and their crystal counterparts, what the chakras are and how they affect us, other energies and healing methods to work with and balance one of our main energy systems, how to dowse and will deepend your understanding and connection to the chakras, and yourself, through guided meditations and healing work.


Includes your Workshop Guidebook

Please bring a lunch and journal with you 


Individual Workshop Price £55 

Early Bird (When Booked in before April 1st 2019) £45


Weekend Ticket Price £100

Weekend Ticket Price Early Bird (When Booked in Before April 1st 2019) £80


Accomodation from £22 Per Person (Based on 4 people sharing) 


Chakras, Sound & Crystals: A Healing Weekend

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    tickets and spaces are sold on a first come first served basis, we will always try out best to accomodate everyone and all requests, however this is not always doable. 


    Please contact us if you have any questions. 


    Bookings can be made and paid for over the phone if you'd like to pay by card. 


    If you would like to give this event as a gift to someone, please select the shipping option requried and include the name of who the gift is for, we will then make one of our Wishes Vouchers for you and send it out.


    Thank you.

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