Sodalite and Rock Crystal - Glass and Plastic Bottles and Insert


This range is a beautiful all-rounder. Each of the stones matches one of the elements used in Chinese Medicine and when all of these elements are in balance and flowing freely in your body, wellness and vitality result!


Ocean Jasper is associated with hope and renewal, flow and connectivity, Rose Quartz with unconditional love on all levels. Fossil Wood offers stability through change and ancestral connections, Amethyst brings inner peace and mental calm and Chalcedony is the crystal for inner flexibility and flow with a sense of grounding and Earthly conneciton.This combo is fresh and vitalising to your entire being.


Plastic Specs: 

24.5cm in height,

holds approximately 650ml

Durable Tritan plastic

BPA and BPS free



Glass Specs:

25cm in height,

holds approximately 500ml

Durable, lead free Borosilicate Glass

BPA free



Insert Specs:

insert only

fits bewater glass bottle



Please note that the item received may differ slightly from the images due to the crystals being natural, therefore offering slight differences. 

Elements - Ocean Jasper, Fossil Wood, Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Chalcedony

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