Description: Amazing Hand Carved Ancestralite Skull, Very High Quality and Rare, Approx 6 cm x 5 cm x 7 cm


Properties: This new stone is a rare form of Hematite that is extremely powerful on a deeply spiritual level. Incredibly grounding and protective on a physical level, this stone also helps us connect to our past (even past lives) and heal karmic wounds. With this stone we can journey through the ages and connect to the ancient energies on a deeper level with the aid of our ancestors throughout life times. This is definitely a stone of journeying, guardianship and Ancestral Healing and Empowerment. 


Crystal Skulls help you access ancient knowledge and tap into the timeline of the universe. They have been revered throughout time as the keepers of knowledge and used as a tool of great connection and spiritual download. They are a great companion on any journey or path, offering wisdom, insight and knowledge. 


Perfect for: Ancestral Healing and Empowerment, Ancient Connections, Learning From and Releasing Past Hurt. 


Hand Carved Ancestralite Skull - Rare

  • This is a one off piece and cannot be replaced. 


    More pictures can be sent upon request. 


    Due to uneven surfaces/structure, measurements cannot be exact and are therefore approximate. 


    Due to being completely natural, product might differ slightly from the images/measurements given. 

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