Description: Beautiful hand carved solid crystal wands with metal hilt inlaid garnets and carved Angel top. Approx 15 cm x 3 cm


Use: Wands are an age old tool for directing and amplifying energy and these wands do this alongside calling upon the energies of specific Angels to aid healing and connection. 

Perfect for: Meditation, Healing and Altars. 


Available in: 


CLEAR QUARTZ - ARCHANGEL METATRON - helps clear the mind and set out a direct path to your lifes plan, aids spiritual connection and amplifies healing energies. 


LAPIZ LAZULI - ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - very protective and magical, helps us cut the cords of negative energies that no longer serve us. 


AVENTURINE - ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL - stone of abundance and healing, works with our Heart Chakra to heal us on all levels as well as to aid our healing on others. 


TIGERS EYE - ARCHANGEL URIEL - harmonizes the Sun and Earth energy, boosts confidence and helps us with change and to transform the negative into positive. 


ROSE QUARTZ - ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL - stone and Angel of unconditonal love. Helps to heal and open your heart so we can live life full of love and compassion. 


Hand Carved Angel Wands

  • This is a handcrafted product from natural stone therefore colour and size variations may exist.


    Image for illustration purposes only.


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