Description: Beautifully intricate hand carved crystal Merkaba in silver finish cage, Crystal point and Crystal Sphere. Connected to a silver finish chain with crystal bead at the end. Pnedulum approx 5.5 cm x 3 cm, Chain approx 18 cm long.

The Merkaba is an ancient symbol that translates to " Light (Mer) Spirit (Ka) Body (Ba)" and helps us to connect to the higher energies, especially those of the ascended masters. This adds to the power of the crystals and the pendulum to make it a lovely divination and meditation companion. 


Use: Pendulums are a wonderful tool that has been used throughout the ages to connect to spirit for divination and healing. They create a link to your higher self for guidance and a connection to your inner truth. They can also be used in helaings and meditations. 

Perfect for: Divination, Meditation and Healing. 


Available in: 


CLEAR QUARTZ - ARCH ANGEL METATRON - helps clear the mind and set out a direct path to your life's plan, aids spiritual connection and amplifies healing energies. 


MOONSTONE - ARCH ANGEL HANIEL - helps us connect to the Moon and all the phases of life, helps us shine our inner light and be true to ourselves and our life's goal. Aids emotional flow and stability. 


Hand Carved Merkaba and Point Pendulum

  • This is a handcrafted product from natural stone therefore colour and size variations may exist. Crystal beads may differ per pendulum. 


    Image for illustration purposes only.


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