Description: Wonderful Hand Carved Mystic Merlinite (Gabbro) Skull, Approx. 5 cm x 3.5 cm x 6.5 cm


Properites: Mystic Merlinite if a form of Gabbro typically found in Madagascar. It is a combination of Quartz, Feldspar and other Minerals. 

This is a powerful stone for magic and developing self awareness and intuition. It connects to your Base, Third Eye and Crown Chakras - offering you a beautiful balancing energy that is perfect for spiritual development and practices. Mystic Merlinite can offer clarity on dreams and visions and can promote a deeper connection to your Guides. 


Crystal Skulls help you access ancient knowledge and tap into the timeline of the universe. They have been revered throughout time as the keepers of knowledge and used as a tool of great connection and spiritual download. They are a great companion on any journey or path, offering wisdom, insight and knowledge.

Perfect for: Balancing spiritual energies, connecting to spirit, improving intuition and self awareness. 



Hand Carved Mystic Merlinite Skull

  • This is a one off piece and cannot be replaced. 


    More pictures can be sent upon request. 


    Due to uneven surfaces/structure, measurements cannot be exact and are therefore approximate. 

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