Description: Shimmering White Selenite Hand Carved into a gorgeous little heart. Approx 4 cm  x 4.5 cm


Use: Selenite releases a very soothing and peaceful energy. This stone has a very strong Angelic connection, so is a great companion during Angelic healings and meditation. Also has a strong connection to the Moon - it's name coming from the Roman personification of the Moon, Selene. 


Heart shaped crystals are lovely to hold in the palm of the hand as they are smooth and tactile but they also release an even energy for all-round healing. They also promote a sense of love, hope and tranquility - qualities that beautifully marry up to the Selenite's energy.

Perfect for: Angel,  Moon and Love Altars and Meditations. 


Hand Carved Selenite Heart

  • This is a handcrafted product from natural stone therefore colour and size variations may exist.


    Image for illustration purposes only.


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