Description: Brilliantly cute, handcarved mini angels in a variety of crystals. Approx 2.5 cm tall. 


Use: Angels are wonderful guides and healers to work with, especially in the every day. These carvings call upon those Angelic energies to us when we need them. 

Perfect for: Carrying in your purse, bag or pocket for daily protection, guidance or healing. 


Available in: 


AGATE - A wonderful all-round healing stone. great for grounding and growth, a stone to keep as a companion and work with over a long period. Aids magic, transformation and adaptability. 


AMETHYST -  aids spiritual growth, connection and protection. promotes a peaceful environment and helps with headaches, anxiety and stress. Offers comfort to all. 


FLUORITE -  promoted spiritual and psychic development and wholeness. Helps us balance the Chakras, connecting us to the Earth and to the Cosmos through meditation.  


TIGERS EYE -  harmonizes the Sun and Earth energy, boosts confidence and helps us with change and to transform the negative into positive. 


ROSE QUARTZ -  stone and Angel of unconditonal love. Helps to heal and open your heart so we can live life full of love and compassion. 


Hand Carved Mini Crystal Angels

  • This is a handcrafted product from natural stone therefore colour and size variations may exist.


    Image for illustration purposes only.


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