Saturday 27th July 10:30 am - 5 pm.

Saturday 27th July 7pm - 9pm - An Evening of Spiritual Flow
Sunday 28th July10:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Join us for a wonderful weekend full of holistic healing, workshops and mystical discoveries set in the beautiful Devonshire countryside as we welcome some of the industries finest to Wishes for amazing healing sessions, tarot readings, mediumship, retail stands and mini workshops!
A great way to enjoy the sun, the stunning scenery and maybe try something new or top up on some much needed healing and R&R.



25 minutes each.
£25 on the Day
£20 if Pre Booked
£55 for 3, £18 each thereafter.
Double, Back-to-back slots available on all therapies.


Book In For:
Wishes: Aromatherapy Massage, Express Facial, Reiki/Sekhem Healing, Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage.

Sally Free: Tibetan Bowl Therapy

Aldo Raffa: Tarot/Psychic Reading, Reiki/Magnetic & Etheric Energy Balancing, Negative Emotional Cord Cutting. 

Rainbow Suzy-Grace: Intuitive Tarot Reading.

Jane Fishlock: Angelic Transformational Healing.

SaltWaterGaia: Lava Shell Massage, Crystal Therapy, Usui Crystal Reiki.
Alexandra Jordan: Reflexology


More information on the therapies in the "Meet the Therapists and Their Treatments " section to the right. ->


An Evening of Spiritual Flow - Saturday 27th, 7pm
With Dominic Jones, Suzy-Grace Galadriel, Aldo Raffa and Jane Fishlock!

Tickets: £10 each or 2 for £15!

A wonderful, harmonising evening of Guided Meditation,Spiritual Messages, Spirit Guide Connection, Guidance and Healing! 

Workshop Menu
60 minutes each
£6 each on the Day
£5 each when Pre-Booked
£12 for 3 workshops, £4 each thereafter.


Saturday 27th

11:00 - Tree Meditation and Dance With Wishes

12:15 - You Are the Power! With Jane Fishlock

13:30 - The 4 Elements & Tarot With Aldo Raffa

14:45 - Shine Sistar, Shine! With PipEssence

16:00 - Cosmic Gong Bath With Sally Free


Sunday 28th

11:00 - Ignite Your Life With Suzy Grace

12:15 - Planetary Healing With Jane Fishlock

13:30 - Magick and Astrology With Aldo Raffa

14:45 - Pendulum Magick With SaltwaterGaia

Full Workshop information in the "Meet the Workshops!" section to the right. ->


Retail Therapy:

The shop is open all weekend alongside some amazing, hand-sourced retail stands offering a wide selection of goodies for your indulgence.

Come and check out: 
Earth and Heaven

Crystal Moon Candles and Bath

Aponi Aromatics


Full information on the stands that will be joining us in the "Meet the Retailers and Their Products " section to the right.


The Food Space:
Serving home-cooked food all day with refreshments, speciality teas and coffees, cream teas and more!

Accommodation and Camping:
Please find the "Accommodation and Camping" section on the right -> 

Please note: that due to us being a farm location and insurance, we cannot allow pets at our events. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Holistic and Mystic - July

£25.00 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price
  • Treatments and Therapies - taster sessions from some of the best in the industry! A perfect opportunity to try something new or top up on some much needed R&R! 


    25 minutes each.

    £25 on the Day

    £20 if Pre Booked

    £55 for 3, £18 each thereafter.

    Double, Back-to-back slots available on all therapies.

    Prices are Per Person.



    -Half Body Aromatherapy Massage- A wonderful way to relax as we blend essential oils with sacred techniques for a bespoke indulgence.
    -Express Absolute Facial- Using the highest quality skin care products, we will delicately cleanse and exfoliate your skin before letting it soak up a range of gorgeous serums, oils and creams to beautifully regenerate, protect and pamper.
    -Reiki, Sekhem or Crystal Therapy- Experience our range of spiritual healing practices that harness the power of energy and sacred, divine knowledge to bring harmony, tranquility and a deep balancing healing.
    -Indian Head Massage- A wonderous scalp, neck and shoulder massage using pressure points to release tension and energetic blockages.

    - Tibetan Bowl Therapy - a hands on sound healing experience with Tibetan singing bowls intuitively chosen to resonate with your charkas and energy systems. Being played directly onto the body means you have a deep benefit from the vibrations of the bowls as they balance your mind, body and spirit.


    -Psychic Reading (Tarot and Channelling) - Psychic Readings will allow you to tap into your life path direction, looking into your past, present and future possibilities. Aldo will do this both with Tarot and his Spirit Guides to provide you with an insightful and accurate reading.

    -Reiki and Magnetic & Etheric Energy Balancing- Balancing your own energy brings calmness, clarity and peace of mind. It is an essential energetic and emotional state and a gateway for your happiness and prosperity. Will help balance and align your Chakras whilst grounding you.

    -Negative Emotional Cord Cutting - Bad energy connections drain your energy through energetic emotional cords. Cord cutting regains your power. Expected benefits: Stop people draining your energy, Help you unlock negative hooks from others, Help you get over a relationship break-up and a divorce.

    - Intuitive Tarot with Suzy-G - ***The Magickal Light Bringer*** - Heartful Readings using the Golden Tarot, and Crystal Tarot.
    (50 minute Readings would include Spiritual Communication)

    -Angelic Transformational Healing- A truly remarkable experience that welcomes in divine calm and tranquillity whilst receiving messages and alignment.

    -Lava Shell Massage- Environmentally friendly, self heating clam shells combine with gentle, sweeping massage to soothe away knots and tension. The taster session will be fully clothed; oils may be used on neck and shoulders and will be used in a full (double) session. a truly tropical escape in massage form!

    -Crystal Healing - Emms is a crystal healing master practitioner of 9 years. Working intuitively with crystal energies to balance your mind, body and spirit. Emms will target causes of stress, pain and imbalance to relax and re-energise.

    -Usui Crystal Reiki Healing - This newer lineage of Usui Reiki also draws upon the Earth energy of crystals and sacred symbols from the natural world. This taster will balance whilst relaxing and re-energising the mind, body and spirit.


    - Reflexology - A deeply relaxing experience using the meridian centres of the feet to stimulate, soothe and or energise the whole body. Reflexology is a non intrusive way of aiding the body in its ability to self heal. Using meridian lines and acupressure point the whole of the body is treated through specific points on the feet (which isn’t ticklish!)
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