Description: A large rough Herkimer Diamond, Approx, 4.5 x 5 x 3cm


Properties, Herkimer Diamond: A hgih vibrational crystal that works with the Higher Chakras for high vibrational connection, healing and meditations. Works with our physical energies to help us develop and adapt to situation, to perform under pressure and to release stress. With a high frequency based around purification, Herkimer Diamonds help us to release that which does not serve, on physical and spiritual means. This crystal is a powerful detoxer, helping us release negative situations, negative people and negative habits from our lives and our minds. These powerful crystal help us keep a constant flow and connect us to the Divine Rays of healing and insight, they help maintain balance and continuity. 



Large Herkimer Diamond

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    All crystals are natural formations and therefore their measurements are approximate and they may differ slightly from the pictures shown. 

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