Description: A Hand Carved Lemurian Quartz "Traveller" Crystal Skull, Approx: 9 x 4 x 5 cm


Properties, Lemurian Quartz: A high vibrational from of Quartz, Lemurian Quartz has a unique ladder formation naturally growing along some, or all, of it's faces. This alddering is seen to be coding placed within these special crystals by the Lemurians to aid us in developing a higher sense of self, a deeper connection to the universe, a way to work with the Akashic Records and to self assess and understand our part in our time line. You can easily see each rung of the ladder as a unique moment to you and work with their sequence to learn about repetitive cycles that you may wish to break from or re-inact. These high vibrational crystals work with our higher chakras to aid a download of knowledge to further develop us along our paths. We feel very fortunate to be able to source these polished lemurians from trusted sources so we can get the benefit of these beautiful crystals in different formations. 


Properties, Traveller Skull: In addition to all of the amazing energies of Lemruian Quartz and Crystal Skulls, the Traveller Skull also boosts our connection to cosmos, helping us to work with star energies, planet, star seed, cosmic realms, universal tapestries and all the rest. These a beautiful, unique carving that is so exciting to work with especially if you love everything to do with space! 


Properties, Hand Carved Crystal Skull: Crystal Skulls have been used throughout our human history with many origin stories and purposes. The main origin story we work with depicts how Lemuria, the realm which hold the Akashic Records, wanted us to be able to work with the knowledge of the Akashic Records - to access the knowledge of the universe, Past, Present and Future. So, they created 13 Crystal Skulls each of which carrying with it the knowledge of the Records and planeted them in the Earth. We have then discovered some of the skulls which governed the working with and power of the Crystal Skull. These are not negative symbols, they are carvings that help develop our connection ot the universe, can deepen our meditations and spiritual practices and aid our exploration of our spiritual path. 




Lemurian Quartz "Traveller" Skull - Hand Carved

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