Description: Lovely Mangano Calcite Hearts, each one being Hand Carved and unique. Approx,3.5 x 3.5 x 0.5cm


These hearts are ideal for Gridding or Personal Use, they are a beautiful grade of Mangano Calcite with lots of banding and a deep pink colour. With a few pieces available, the one you recieve may differ from the picture shown. 


Properties, Mangano Calcite: A Calcite variation with an incredibly high Manganese content. Similar to Pink Calcite, Mangano is differentiated by its striped formation and a higher concentration of the Manganese. Energetically, Mangano Calcite is a crystal of Unconditional Love, much like Rose Quartz but the energy of Mangano Calcite is softer, like a hug or a blanket. Calcites work with us through our emotions and through the element of water, making them brilliant calming and soothing crystals, which is why this is a great crystal to work with when you feel like you need a hug. 


Properties, Hearts: Crystals carved into Hearts will help facilitate a sense of love, consideration, hope and peace. Often a simple carving, it's amazing how much meaning these beautiful heart carvings can carry, making them ideal gifts. 


Mangano Calcite Heart - Hand Carved

  • With a huge selection of crystals in the shop, we haven't got them all listed online, if you have any specific requests, or if you see something online but would like other options, please contact us and we can arrange a WhatsApp personal shopping experience for you.

    For products sold directly online, please note:
    All crystals are natural formations and therefore their measurements are approximate and they may differ slightly from the pictures shown. 

    With tumble stones or multi stone listings, the product you recieve will be similar to the pictures shown but exact pieces cannot be chosen: i.e, tumblestones or galets. 

    If you have any questions regarding this or would like more information about the crystals you are looking at, please contact us. 

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