Description: Lovely Mystic Merlinite (Gabbro) Hearts, Approx. 2 cm x 1.5 cm. Only £5.50 each.


Properites: Mystic Merlinite if a form of Gabbro typically found in Madagascar. It is a combination of Quartz, Feldspar and other Minerals. 

This is a powerful stone for magic and developing self awareness and intuition. It connects to your Base, Third Eye and Crown Chakras - offering you a beautiful balancing energy that is perfect for spiritual development and practices. Mystic Merlinite can offer clarity on dreams and visions and can promote a deeper connection to your Guides.  


Hearts help to invoke a sense of love to the crystals energies as well as helping them resonating deeper with your Heart Chakra. 

Perfect for: Balancing spiritual energies, connecting to spirit, improving intuition and self awareness. 



Mystic Merlinite Heart

  • This is a one off piece and cannot be replaced. 


    More pictures can be sent upon request. 


    Due to uneven surfaces/structure, measurements cannot be exact and are therefore approximate. 


    With Tumble/ Small Stone Purchases, the received crystals might differ from the image provided due to each stone being completely unique. 

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