Description: Beautiful Ruby and Fuschite with Blue Kyanite freestanding freeform, Approx, 6 x 3 x 4cm


It is unusual to get Blue Kyanite growing with the Ruby and Fuschite and we were so excited to get these beautiful pieces. 


Properties, Ruby and Fuschite: A natural crystal combination for deep heart healing and heart activation. The Fuschite (green) holds the beautiful rubies just as it will hold you, in a safe space for healing. Fuschite is an incredible healing crystal that works with the realms of the Elements, Nature and Fairies to heal you on all levels and remind you that is OK to heal and take time to heal. The Ruby brings great strength, power and resillience. It works with the heart to balance your love, to release dependency on love and to empower your ability to love. Rubies heal and protect our hearts and aid passion, inspiration and creativity. Together these crystals are an amazing heart activator and heart opener. 


Properties, Blue Kyanite: Harmonising the Earth and the Heavens, Kyanite is a brilliant crystal for balance and for Angelic connections, in particular, to Archangel Michael. Blue Kyanite offers us protection whilst it cuts negative cords from our lives and our energy systems. Blue Kyanite balances us, working with the denser vibrations of the Physical Realm with the Higher Vibrations of the Angelic Realms to enable us to dream but know how to bring those dreams into the physical, to manifest them and make them reality. A brilliant crystal to help you through difficult times, especially with difficult people or situations. 


Ruby and Fuschite with Blue Kyanite Freeform

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