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New for 2018 is this unisex triblend t-shirt for men and women with an animal protection print of a leopard with the words Fur Belongs To Me. Design by the Mountain.


These unisex artwear t-shirts featuring realistic graphic designs are really soft. The unique, stretchy and breathable blend doesn't keep heat trapped between your skin and the fabric, and allows you to stay cool during physical activity. Each t shirt is 100% hand-dyed, and the soft printing technique infuses the design into the fabric, so there is no stiff, plastic feel, just flowing luxury, comfort, performance and versatility. These tees are responsibly produced using water-based inks and organic dyes. Material 70% cotton 15% polyester 15% rayon. 


Important Message


Leopard - The Amur Leopard is one of the most critically endangered species of the wild cats, as there is thought to be less than a couple hundred left in the wild. The species primary threat has been ‘man’, with the cats being hunted for their skins, killed to prevent farmer’s livestock from being harmed and simply for the ‘sport’. Leopards are likely to be the most persecuted of the big cat’s in the world. Show the world you care and want help protect these beautiful animals, by carrying the statement “Extinction Is Forever” across a t-shirt. Show your support, and help generate funds for Panthera, because together we can make a difference! Panthera’s mission is to ensure a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes of which they depend. Learn more about their initiatives and how you can help at www.panthera.org.

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes towards saving the critically endangered species of our planet. The Mountain will be donating $0.50 for every item sold. 


We at Wishes will also donate £1 per item sold to WWF. 

The Mountain Unisex Amur Leopard "Fur Belongs to Me" Tri Blend T-Shirt.

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