Description: Beautiful Polished Tourmalinated Quartz Point. Approx 6 cm x 2.5 cm


Properties: Tourmalinated Quartz is a naturally occurring Quartz with Tourmaline growing with it.


Where they have naturally grown together, the energies of the two stones is beautifully harmonised. The Tourmaline brings a wonderful grounding and protective energy that's perfect with both physical and spiritual energies and work whilst the Clear Quartz offers us clarity and healing whilst amplifying the energies of the Tourmaline and other crystals around it.


Tourmalinated Quartz can also be used for balancing Yin and Yang energies, helping with internal emotional upset.


Perfect for: Grounding, Protection and Clarity. Balancing Yin and Yang. Points are great for directing energy flow in healing, altars and meditation.


Tourmaline Included Polished Point

  • This is a one off piece and cannot be replaced. 


    More pictures can be sent upon request. 


    Due to uneven surfaces/structure, measurements cannot be exact and are therefore approximate. 


    Due to being completely natural, product might differ slightly from the images/measurements given. 

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