Full Moon Magic Retreat 17

August 13, 2017

As of August 5th, we started our first retreat here at Wishes... And all I can say is WOW. 


This was a three night retreat with everyone arriving for lunch on the Saturday. We got settled, people had some treatments to really kick start their relaxation and then that all lead into dinner and our opening ceremony. 


The fire pit lit our way and warmed us - it's guiding flame one of true change and transformation. Everyone was welcomed and blessed with lotus oil, an essence of the moon, and the circle was cast with a powerful invocation enhanced with the aboriginal portal opener (or as I like to call it, spirit stick) 


We were here, we were connected and we were so ready. 


We finished the evening with some drumming and native instrument playing around the fire pit - the sheer joy and elevation from the instruments was so heartwarming and the love was contagious! 


An early start followed with some amazing Kundalini Yoga from Cassandra Collins which then lead onto brekfast and our Full Moon Magic Workshop. Cass did a wonderful job of preparing us for and connecting us to the energies of the moon and the retreat and was the perfect start to our workshop. 


We made lunar oil essences and loose incense after learning about and connecting to the triple goddess and all the moons cycles, including her connection to the sun and the star sign energies. After lunch, we discussed crystals that connected to the moon and then set about making altars dedicated to the energies we were working with. 


After our full moon meditation and time to really sit and connect to the altars we created in honour of forgiveness and gratitude, we welcomed in the lovely Sally Free who blessed us with the most amazing gong bath. Truly phenomenal. 


Everyone then had time to journal, relax and continue to connect whilst we prepared dinner which followed on to our second fire out ceremony where we placed some oil and dried rose petals in the water bearing cauldron steaming above the flames. This was a great way to connect to the moon, to our forgiveness and gratitude lists and to all the energies we had been working with. We all finished the evening with more drumming and music from rain sticks, thunder drums, ocarinas and more!


On Monday we ventured into Dartmoor. And what a day that was! The tor we climbed up offered us such a lovely connection to Gaia and the world, and we had lots of private time as well which was really special. 


We had lunch by a beautiful brook which gave us the opportunity to cleanse our crystals and ourselves - the perfect place to unwind and absorb/process the energies we have been building up and working with. 


After lunch we took everyone to some stunning stone rows, standing stones and stone circles. Once again, the spirit stuck came into play and we opened up the energies to truly connect and download. The sense of being both in the present and in the past, both connected to the moon, sun, stars and cosmos and the Earth and to each other/our future, was so truly amazing. 


The fairies, nymphs, God's, guides, angels, celestial beings.... Everything was there with us. A symphony of energies and beings ready and willing to help us through this life, to heal and grow, to forgive and be full of gratitude and love. 


On our last day, we hiked up and along Raddon Hill, one of the tallest hills in Devon, and we are lucky enough to own a section of it. We were at the brow of the hill, next to our lovely fairy forest, completely alone apart from our lovely group. 


The energies have built and built and built until this moment. The dried rose petals, energised in front of Buddha for months prior to this event, charged by each person's desire to forgive, let go, be grateful and grow, we're ready to be released. We stood in a wide circle and one by one, released the petals we had spent the retreat connecting to and working with.


What a release. 


May the Earth ground you,


May the Air release you, 


May the Fire transform you,


May the Water cleanse you,


And may Spirit guide you. 


We are so grateful to have shared this amazing, brilliant, super, awesome experience with the lovely people who joined us. 


We really can't wait til next year for our other retreats and so look forward to connecting to other energies in the future. 



With blessings and light, always, 








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