5 Tips for Treating Psoriasis and Eczema

October 15, 2017

Psoriasis and Eczema Fact File 


Psoriasis is caused by an overactive immune system, which triggers inflammation inside the body and more healthy skin cells are produced than normal. These extra cells are pushed to the surface of the skin too quickly, resulting in the “scaly” patches associated with psoriasis. 

Eczema occurs when our immune systems loses the ability to distinguish between proteins that are part of our body and foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses. When our immune systems attacks our bodies, this causes inflammation which shows as eczema. [1]


Eczema and psoriasis are both forms of dermatitis and both can display symptoms of redness, inflammation, itchiness and discomfort.

Eczema is considered to be more of a symptom than a condition and it usually implies there are other underlying health conditions inducing the flare up - in some people, this could be a simple as getting a cold or flu. Eczema can be triggered by allergies, like chemicals (in toiletries), wheat, dairy, pollen, mould, animals and dust mites.

Psoriasis however is linked to genetics; one in three with the condition having a close relative who also suffers.


Watch out for these!
There are plenty of products out there that market themselves as “Emollient” and as “An Eczema Treatment” but watch out for these adverse factors:


Soap Substitutes, bath oils and creams (especially cheaper products) will more often than not contain cheap petrochemicals as bulking agents and preservatives. These are a strong irritant, especially for sensitive skin.


Natural Sources, such as Coconut, Jojoba and Olive lose their nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids when produced at such high temperatures. These essential nutrients can also be lost through chemicals and unnatural ingredients added to cut costs. [2]

Hydrocortisone and steroid creams can help reduce inflammation and break the itch-scratch-itch cycle, but, they aren’t suitable for long term use as they can thin the skin and weaken our skin’s own immune system.

[1] http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/psoriasis/pages/causes.aspx
[2] Stay Healthy. An Organic Guide to Healthy Skin: It’s All in the Ingredients, North-western Health Sciences University


5 Tips to Help Manage Psoriasis and Eczema


1) Go Natural! Change your beauty, grooming and cleaning products to natural ones, particularly if you have noticed a link between using a certain product and the irritation flaring up. A lot of products nowadays include cheap (and harmful) chemicals that aren’t natural. They use them as bulking agents, preservatives and more and our bodies can’t process them properly, anything from Shampoo, to Toothpaste, to Kitchen Cleaner, to moisturiser can contain these and can be adding undue stress to your skin and body.


2) Reduce Stress. Stress is often a trigger for eczema and psoriasis conditions. High cortisol levels (our stress hormones) exacerbates inflammation throughout the body, including the skin. Gentle walks in a peaceful setting, ideally surrounded by nature, meditation, Yoga, Massage, Healing Sessions (Crystal Therapy, Reiki, etc) can all help destress and rebalance. 


3) Humidity in the home. Dry eczema conditions and seasonal psoriasis may benefit from a humidifier set to around 35 - 45% humidity in cold and dry seasons.


4) Eat Well. Be aware of any food triggers - milk/dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, wheat/gluten, corn and other grains are common triggers. Liquorice herbal tea is great for reducing inflammation and helps works internally, it is also a healthy way of curbing sugar cravings! Be sure to eat healthy fats, like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and omega-3 rich foods such as oily fish, grass-fed meats and nuts. Try to go natural, organic and free range where possible to maximise your nutrient intake. foods.


5) The Sun. Eczema and psoriasis sufferers should try to get half an hour in the sun each day. The sun’s rays can be a great healer for eczema and psoriasis conditions, but be careful as too much sun can lead to flare ups, especially without appropriate moisturising after exposure. Listen to your body and feel what you need. Some sufferers have found UV lamps or even sun beds during winter can help them too - remember to maintain moderation throughout though.


Our Top Products for Helping with Skin Complaints


Eye of Horus.
Our stunning range of eye pencils, mascara, shadows and now lipsticks are absolutely divine and their organic moringa oil base and natural ingredients make these ideal for sensitive eyes and skin, they’re also long lasting, smudge and crease proof and tear proof!


Jason Vitamin E Oil
When applied regularly to the affected area, vitamin E is proven to have effective results on both eczema and psoriasis. This is because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and helps tackle inflammation in the skin. The oil comes in a range of strengths, we recommend applying a lower strength after the bath with the higher strength being used in specific areas of concern.


Antipodes Saviour Balm
This potent blend of natures richest oils with the power-packed antibacterial and anti-fungal healing properties of totara and Australian tea tree help prevent infection. Antioxidant-rich echinacea and Vinanza grape optimise cell and skin repair.


Jason Coconut Oil.
 Jason’s high grade coconut oil is a hero beauty ingredient for moisturising but it also has anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help reduce inflammation. Caprylic and capric acid and vitamins E and K help control itching, flaking and spread of infection. Coconut also contains medium-chain triglycerides which help repair the protective outer layers of the skin. 


Giovanni, Salon Quality Hair Care
Although they have a full range of gorgeous, nutrient rich, natural Shampoos, Conditions, Serums and Stylings products, their Repair and Recovery range is the perfect range for sensitive skin and dry/damaged hair. Nourishing coconut milk and blackberries help invigorate hair and skin with every wash.


Other Products
If you’d like more information on other products like our cleaning range, Method or natural perfumes by Pacifica or if you’d like a skin consultation and care plan, contact us!















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5 Tips for Treating Psoriasis and Eczema

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