Events & Workshops

Hosted in our custom built Workshop Space, we are proud to offer a wide range of events from our regular workshops which cover a wide range of spiritual teachings to enhance your practice and journey to relaxing events like our Gong Baths and Yoga Classes, all of which are hosted with limited spaces to ensure tranquillity and a personal experience. Whether you’re here for the day or the evening, we look forward to welcoming you out to one of our gatherings as we meditate, learn and grow.

Journey of the Pentagram, Discovering the Five Aspects of Self.
5 months, 5 journeys, 1 deeper understanding

From £40 per day.
Workshops also available online.

Journey 1, Earth.

22nd May
10:00-13:30 hands on teaching
13:30-16:00 relaxation and self work
Highlights: Past Lives – Grounding – Gaia

Journey 2, Air.

13th June
Same times as above
Highlights: Lemuria – Communication – Crystal Skulls

Journey 3, Fire.

24th July
Same times as above
Highlights: Egypt – Transformation – Vision

Journey 4, Water.

21st August.
Times as above.
Highlights: Atlantis – Cleansing – Magic

Journey 5, Spirit.

11th September.
Times as above.
Highlights: Cosmos – Harmony – Universal Light.

Journey 6, Dartmoor

(This is available for whoever books in for all 5 workshops)
25th September
Consolidate your healing and understanding in the nurturing embrace of Dartmoor with a guided nature meditation and pilgrimage within th beautiful moor.

Individual workshop booking £50

Full Journey Package, £50 deposit for all 5, then £35 on the day for journey 1-5
Full journey package, £200.
8 spaces available
Online workshop (5 spaces, through WhatsApp group call) £25 per day